think deeply...

think deeply...

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I've been wasting so much time trying to figure out how to begin this long-overdue discussion.  Moving forward we need to be open-minded, brave, and above all else compassionate.  We all know something is really wrong with our society and it is time we sat down to figure out truth from tale; together.

 So let’s talk.

I don't know everything...there is a lot that I question and doubt and I am just like everyone else.  I'll tell you what I think I know.  I believe that over the last few years the world has begun to undergo a sort of awakening.  While this is a good thing we have a long way to go in a short amount of time.  We are no longer connected as we should be and we have not been for a very long time.  We cannot trust blindly everything we are told.  We are unknowingly enslaved in ways that are difficult for us to understand.  We are isolated from one another and our sense of community exists but only in a fragile and scattered state.  We are at our weakest when we are divided and divided we are.  I've longed in my heart for as far back as I can remember for a better way of life - a better place.  I've dreamed of some unknown force swooping in to save us all.

Don't hold your breath.

It's not going to happen.  Nobody is going to bust into your home and rescue you from this strange life.  You have to choose to act.  We all must make a choice now while we still have the energy left to fight; or we condemn our children to this mess.  If you somehow still think that the world is not in desperate need of saving I will disprove you.  I mean this as non-aggressively as I can; but some truths MUST be learned.  I will report fact and not fiction; this is going to be just as much a learning experience for all of you as it is for me...all cards on the table.  We are all in this situation together.  Undoing the programming we have been subjected to will take time...patience.  Trust in the good faith of your fellow awakening human beings.

There are a great many mysteries that will unfold in our lifetime and it is these revelations that will change society and humankind forever, but those of our kind who are too plugged into the mainstream will never see it.  There is an oppressive system that does not wish for us to know the truth.  We have to learn to subvert this control matrix; to gather our own intelligence and to trust in actual data and not the words of a bought-out journalist.  You the reader have my word that I will never post anything I believe to be untrue; I will not lie or paint a pretty picture.  I will do my utmost to give a clear representation of the data and through analysis an idea of the truth being hidden from us.    Learning to see in a new way is no easy task but it is a responsibility we all share; even if you do not believe as I do.  We can no longer blindly place our faith in the mainstream media - they have been proven false many times.  We must become citizen journalists with no allegiance to the big banks and corporations.

I'll stop psyching us all out now.  Back to the tasks at hand.

Ever since I was a little one I dreamed of a kingdom; a paradise or sanctuary for people like me.  I've always had a hard time finding my groove in society; even at a young age I stuck out like a broken branch.  I grew up severely confused and I experienced the dark side of the human soul.  No one could help me as I struggled to figure out what it meant to be human, though many tried.  I questioned reality often as a child and was frequently lost in thought, creating alternate worlds in my head - I have a feeling a lot of people experienced similar childhoods.

Now that I have learned some, I wish to manifest the worlds in my head into the world around us; but this cannot and should not be done alone.  I'm not a politician; I want nothing to do with that nonsense.  I'm not a business man, or a scholar.  I'm simply going to give voice to a dream that I know others have shared in the hopes that it will bring together great minds and innovators.  Together we can accomplish almost anything!  Did you know there was some kid who created one of those 'fund me' accounts for potato salad and he no joke made over forty-five thousand dollars.  Silly little story, but if one kid can accomplish such a silly thing, what do you think the great minds of our time could accomplish if we found a way to band together?

We can show the world; there IS a better way.

Following the beaten path because it is laid out before me is not for me and I am sure it is not for many of you.
My path, the one I hope to share with many of you readers one day is the path that leads to our own way of life; a new way.  I hope to allocate enough resources to build a new type of city.  A city founded on different principles than the rest of the world.  A home for all who share our love for peace and knowledge and the progress of humanity as a whole rather than divided as we are today.  We must break this chain of hateful war; and this is how we will do it.

We will lead by example, and build our New Gaia from the ground up starting with how we treat each other.  We will learn from the mistakes of those who have come before us and we will build a better home and lead better lives.  For ourselves, for our planet, for our children, and for all living beings.  Not because it is hippy, not because it is cool or revolutionary, but because it is time for our species to evolve past hating one another.  It is time for us to learn to live together in peace regardless our many differences.  We know that not everyone will understand right away, but will show the rest of the world that 'race' is a thing of the past - we are all Gaian, and we are all human - therefore we are all the same.  Yes we come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures - but this is a part of what makes us so awesome!  We have so many reasons to love one another and give up things like violence and ignorance.  Why would you hate someone for being different or because you cannot understand the choices you think they are making?  We all live in a turbulent world and we follow our desires - you cannot hold anyone but yourself accountable.  We should be able to pursue whatever dream it is our hearts desire; so long as your actions bring no pain either physical, spiritual, or emotional to another living thing you should live free.

Hundreds and thousands of years now they will look back and say this was when the Golden Era of mankind truly began.  There is no dream too big if you can dream it.  Together we can be anything we wish to be; we can build a utopia.  We can live free and at peace once more without raising the banners of war.  Let me make myself very clear.  We will never raise a weapon or harm another living being; our ways will be peaceful and loving and we will always pursue a diplomatic solution rather than a violent one.  However - we will not hesitate to defend our rights as human beings born on the planet earth.  We will cast aside our allegiance to all nations and nationalities.  We will declare ourselves to be a city-nation of sovereign citizens.  As we cast aside our old bonds of enslavement we will adopt new ways of our own making.  We will enter into a sacred contract with the Universe; with the ever present consciousness that flows through us all that we will pursue peace at every avenue.  This does not mean you have to become a saint or a monk or anything religious; it simply means that you live your life however you wish without bringing harm to anyone or anything.  Use your creative powers for good things rather than things that hurt people or bring them down.  Find a way to express love in all ways; it is neither feminine nor masculine to express love - it is human.  Together we can build a better world to live in and it doesn't have to be in ten years.

It can be now.

 So with that I would like to dive straight into what New Gaia is going to be and what it represents.

New Gaia as it now stands is an idea at its grassroots stage.  I believe that in order to preserve the best of our species, we must organize.  We must diversify.  We must retake progress for the sake of progress.  There are many who wish to keep us locked in the petrol-era for even just a little bit longer so they can line their pockets a bit deeper...that or find a way out of the hole they have dug so deep.  Their time will come and I am not worried about it; right now I want to focus on something greater.

Once we organize our peoples real decisions can be made, but it wouldn't be right of me to make all the decisions on my own.  So for that purpose this whole project will be taking baby steps to ensure that it moves in the right direction; with all of us at the helm we can go anywhere and do anything.    We have no borders.  Where we wish to find land we will find land.  Where there is a will there is a way.

Let me paint a picture for you like the one I have in my head.

Imagine a fusion of modern technology with the architecture of the ancients.  We will bring to life new culture, one that respects what has passed and embraces what is to come.  We will focus on education, health, and infrastructure - three pillars of any functioning civilization.

Education is so important.  For instance if my generation had been raised with honesty, integrity and equality for all - we would not be here.  We were born at a very special time - so special that most people do not know it.  There is real science behind astrology and the signs we are born under hold great representation of our lives and our souls as they incarnate here on Gaia.  For too long as the establishment controlled the narrative of our schools.  It is time for us to force these liars and pretenders methods out.  Do not blame the teachers - they have heavy hearts as some of them I am sure have realized that the educational system is indeed a brainwashing prison employed nationwide.  Make no mistake about that - your children are lied to daily and taught false narratives because that is what criteria our teachers are given - some of them haven't even realized it yet!  We need to back up and look at this situation in its entirety.  If we allow our children to be taught simply how to function in a system that does not serve their best interests then we condemn them to a life of slavery.  I'm not talking about shackles - though it could one day come to that if we do not act.  I speak of the intellectual prison that has been constructed around us to keep us complacent.  So long as our way of life is not disturbed we will turn a blind eye to almost any injustice.  It is a horrible truth we all need to face - and we need fix this situation before it gets any worse and teaching our children the right way is a great start.  Our educational system will be beyond the reach of the federal dictatorship.  We will formulate educational reform like never before.  We will begin teaching the ways of the universe once again.  Our children are not in need of sheltering, they are in need of real experience and a chance at a healthy balanced education is easily one of the biggest priorities of this movement.

Health is also vital.  Ideally if we were to provide adequate healthcare for all using what NATURE has provided we would see drastically reduced costs and much better results.  It has been proven by many now dead doctors, researchers, scientists, and journalists that the pharmaceutical industry has grown too powerful for its own good.  We must cut off their access to our bodies and our health.  We are nothing but potential customers to these corporate bastards.  Have you ever paid attention to those commercials where they list the huge list of possible side-effects, the last one so frequently death?  You are of no value to them if they cured you completely.  Natural medicine works with your body to help it maintain its natural defenses against disease.  Did you know that there is a human protein that specifically hunts and destroys cancer cells?  Production of this vital protein is inhibited by heavy metals and other toxic substances.  This protein is called 'GcMaf'.  Many who speak of this turn up dead.  Never forget our enemy is vicious and wants to ensure our subjugation for a very long time.  Our only option is to band together and protect that which matters most; our body, mind and soul...our children, our freedoms...they wish to take them all without us realizing it.  We cannot let them control our well being, we must care for one another always.

Our infrastructure will be thoroughly planned out.  Our streets will be solar panels, our city lights will go out at night, and parts of our city will be built underground.  We will produce no waste by using the new system designed that turns waste into energy so efficiently that it often runs out of waste product.  Our 'government' will provide for us truly.  We will share in the profits of our government rather than investing in lavish lifestyles for the few.  We will have a new kind of government that is truly for the people.  Never again will corruption seep into the system designed to provide for us.  Never again will we so easily give up our power to decide for ourselves.  With the power of the internet we will be able to communicate like never before and analyze valuable input from all who wish to give voice to the creation of our New Gaia.

That about wraps up my first post.  I have much to write about still and many things to research.  Time is ours.

Remember, if you wish to help we are in need of all kinds of talents; we also seek to simply grow our family.  Even if you come to us with no learned trade or skill I am sure we can find something for you to do.  This movement is about us all getting involved together.

Stay safe.  Stay sharp.

Love Ash

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